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The Ivy Boisclair Experience 

Who is Ivy Boisclair?

She is the overly indulgent, slightly sinful version of myself. She is often soft-hearted to humankind. Though she takes up the role of observer/listener when interacting with others. 


You said you're an art lover. What does that mean?

I unfortunately don’t have a professional education in visual arts. However, I’ve always had a deep connection to the creative/arts world. I feel so at peace with myself and the world when I’m strolling through an art gallery or museum. 

Where were you born?

O Canada! I was born and raised in Canada by Caribbean parents. 

What is your ideal date?

We introduce ourselves behind closed doors. While sipping on a glass of wine and sneaking eager kisses. After a brief but impactful introduction we go to dinner. We share our life experiences and stories deepening our connection. On a high from the laughs, food and wine we head back to our upscale oasis. The rest you can find out! 


Do you Tour? 

Yes, I'm a wanderer by nature. However I always offer a Fly Me To You option.

What will you wear on our date?

You can expect me to always be dressed in a elegant but chic manner. My outfits also reflect the venue. 


What are your favourite cuisines?

This is a hard one! I enjoy many sensational elements of food. From the salty goodness of sushi to the comforting embrace of pasta paired with a glass - or bottle of wine. I’m currently looking to explore different cuisines. Have a favourite restaurant? Let’s partake together! 


Will you travel to see me?

Yes, I am always passport ready! I love the feeling of exploring a new or old city! All traveling expenses and 50% deposit is required to secure the booking. Inquire for more details!